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Published twice a year in the Spring and Fall, the Star Report includes heartwarming family stories, volunteer profiles, new about Brent's Place events and more updates on everything Brent's Place.

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Family Story: Meet Chloe

16 Jan 2017

Jackie and her wife Beth are well versed at this whole “holidays in the hospital” thing. Seven days after their daughter Chloe was born, she was diagnosed with SCID (Severe Combined Immunodeficiency), which essentially means Chloe was born without an immune system. Chloe has spent every day since at the hospital, in isolation, to help keep her protected while she receives treatment...

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Program Exploration Blog #1

09 Jan 2017

The base of each non-profit is its programming or the service it offers to the community.  The most identified program of Brent’s Place is Safe-Clean housing but Brent's Place is so much more...

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