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Our Vision & Mission

Our Mission
Brent's Place helps those living with cancer by providing housing and programs
 through partnerships in our community.

Our Vision
Making a difference in the lives of children with day at a time.

Our Values

Integrity by continually building relationships based on trust,
through honesty, sincerity and accountability.

Compassion by understanding the hopes and fears of the people
we support, while striving to make their journey better...
"one day at a time".

Respect by treating residents and families of Brent's Place and all
other members of our community with courtesy, consideration and sensitivity
to their individual experiences and perspectives

Responsibility by fulfilling our organizational goals through
innovation, teamwork and sound financial stewardship.

The Brent Eley Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization.


Brent’s Place | 11980 East 16th Avenue | Aurora, Colorado 80010 | Phone 720-343-2800 | Fax 303-831-4567