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Madelyn.jpgBrent’s Legacy Society is a tribute to Brent’s spirit and courage as well as a testament to our promise to the many families who are seeking medical miracles, that Brent’s Place will continue to offer a home of hope and healing beyond your lifetime. Through a planned gift, you have the power to make a meaningful and lasting commitment to Brent’s Place families to ensure no family is ever turned away.


What is a Planned Gift?

One of the simplest ways for you to give to Brent’s Place is for you to make a future contribution.  In life, you can support Brent’s Place through your donations, volunteer work, attending our events and other activities.  You can also ensure your legacy is carried out with a carefully developed will.  It is never too early to establish your legacy and ensure your estate benefits those that matter most to you.

A will is the vehicle that ensures your wishes are carried out as planned.  A charitable bequest is a written statement in your will or trust directing a gift be made to a qualified exempt charity (such as Brent’s Place) as part of the disposition of your estate.

Making a Charitable Bequest

You designate Brent’s Place as the beneficiary of your asset by will or trust.  It is a flexible and easy way to ensure the impact of your legacy.  A bequest may be general or as specific as you wish.  In your will you may designate:

  • A specific dollar amount
  • A percentage of your estate
  • Specific property
  • Any contingencies on other events outlined in your will
  • The purpose for which your bequest must be used (if your choose to express)



Planning Strategies

Let’s assume you are considering a Planned Gift to Brent’s Place.  With so many types of Planned Gifts, how do you decide what is best?  A Brent’s Place development professional will explain the needs of Brent’s Place and help you discover the kind of gift best suited to your needs and wishes.  The best plan is the one that satisfies all of your motives for giving.  With any gift you will want to:

  • Examine the benefits
  • Decide on a gift in the present or a deferred gift (or both)
  • Fit your gift to your age, tax bracket and financial situation
  • Seek advice to help you decide



Types of Deferred Planned Gifts

The gift of life insurance

By designating Brent’s Place as the owner and irrevocable beneficiary of a new or old life insurance policy, you can make a significant gift to Brent’s Place.

Planned gifts of retirement plan assets

Retirement plans – such as an IRA, Keogh or 401(k) accounts – may be used as a gift vehicle by designating Brent’s Place as the contingent or final beneficiary.

Real estate donation

A contribution of real estate to Brent’s Place – whether it is your personal residence, a farm, vacation home, commercial real estate or vacant land – will enable to enjoy personal benefits and support our mission.

Deferred Gift Annuity

A Deferred Gift Annuity can be funded with cash, as well as stock.  This Planned Giving approach offers some unique benefits and is increasingly popular – in part because it offers a way to maximize the return of highly appreciated, yet low yield assets.

Charitable Gift Annuity

A Charitable Gift Annuity is an excellent example of the reality that careful planning actually makes it possible to enjoy person – or family – benefits AND realize your goal to donate to Brent’s Place by taking full advantage of incentives that encourage charitable planning.

Charitable Lead Trust

A Charitable Lead Trust is often referred to as the opposite of a Charitable Remainder Trust.  You can transfer property to a Lead Trust, which pays a percentage of the value of the trust assets – usually for a term of years – to Brent’s Place and at the end of the trust term, the remaining assets in the trust AND any growth it has realized are passed to your heirs.


The suitability of the Planned Gift options, as detailed above, vary depending on age and income/estate level, among other considerations.  A Brent’s Place development professional can discuss Planned Gift options in detail with you. 

The benefits to you are varied and many.  The benefits to Brent’s Place are many, as well.

Please consider including Brent’s Place in your last will and testament.  If you have already established a Planned Gift for Brent’s Place, please notify a Brent’s Place development professional so that we may recognize you as a Brent’s Place Legacy Society Member.  Of course, should you want to remain anonymous, we will honor your request.  Ensuring your legacy through a bequest to Brent’s Place in your will is an easy way to give and demonstrates your dedication to giving back, and our goal – now and in the future – to provide a Safe, Clean and Supportive Place to Heal.

To learn more please contact Rebekah Wells at or by phone at 720-343-2806.

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