What to Expect


Patients staying at Brent’s Place are in Aurora/Denver receiving a variety of treatments including Bone Marrow Transplant, Long-term Chemotherapy, Radiation and other experimental trials where patients will be immune compromised through the duration of their treatments.

Programs at Brent’s Place include 4-5 meals a week, game nights, movie nights, arts and crafts, music class and individual lessons, and outings into the community.  The support does not stop at activities. Brent’s Place also offers emotional support for families to help them through all aspects of their process through onsite caregiver support and referrals to mental health professionals.

Families staying at Brent’s Place can expect more than just a place to stay. Families will experience a caring and supportive environment they can call home, they can live without explanation, and focus on the care and treatment of their ill loved one.  Families will be able to ask questions and receive compassion in each answer.  Our hope is that families will find happiness in the little moments and joy inunexpected times and places.  In the middle of incredibly hard times, Brent’s Place can be a safe haven for everyone who stays here.

"It's uplifting to be among families whose children are very sick, yet the emphasis is on life and living, not on sickness and disease.  Brent's Place feeds and encourages life. That emphasis on life is part of the healing we all receive by being here.” - Stephanie Mother of 8 year old Chole


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